Our partner for the implementation in your company:


Our service includes sketches and drawings and ends with the development of prototypes.

Then it's time for implementation in the company, and this is where MICADO comes into play if desired:

MICADO takes care of the implementation and either carries out the machine adaptation on your own machines or builds new production lines on new production machines.


MICADO offers:

Constructive Detail Design
  • Surface modeling
  • Software Catia V5
  • Mechanical design of components
  • Milling, turning, forging, injection molding, springs, sheet metal bending, lasering
  • FEM calculations
  • Industrialization
  • Tool suitable design
  • Injection molding, forging, sheet metal, fiber composites
  • Industrial design
  • Conception, layout and design of electronic circuits
  • Printed circuit board design
  • Software development (firmware, app, cloud applications,...)
  • IoT solutions
  • Creation of production and manufacturing documents for PCB production and automated assembly
  • Production of prototypes as well as small and medium series
  • Design of electronic housings
  • Packaging space optimization
Reverse Engineering
  • Digitizing of objects
  • 3D scanner
  • ROMER Absolut Messarm RA-7525 (absolute measuring arm)
  • LEICA laser tracker
  • Surface reverse engineering of scan data
  • Generation of simple surface models for 3D printing
  • Reverse engineering in CAD
  • Patent search
  • State of the art analysis
  • FTO Analysis
  • Feature analysis of patent specifications
  • Patent application
  • Design
  • Utility model
  • Goal: technician-oriented processing of search results!



For more information, see the ▸ MICADO website.