Our team is our most valuable asset. Using their skills, determination and openness to new ideas, they develop market-leading products and are able to ensure a competitive advantage through economic implementation.

Innovation orientation, professional qualification and a profound understanding of materials and their behavior are essential characteristics of our staff members.  Taking pleasure in the development of new products as well as the redesigning of existing products is the motivation of our team.



  • Our activities are oriented towards the wishes and ideas of our clients. Through flexible and dynamic organization, solution orientation and joint decision-making competency possible solutions are being compared in advance and pursued after a decision is made.
  • Short communication channels allow for the immediate consideration of costumer wishes and changes.
  • Innovative new products and production processes are being optimized by the improvements that constantly arise on the market.
  • We foster the talents of our staff through professional training. The acquired know-how is applied to the projects.
  • We meet given delivery deadlines in consideration of economic framework conditions.
  • We assure an efficient workflow and generate optimal solutions by combining long time experience, expertise, interbranch knowledge and by cooperation with external experts.



The orientation of our services towards the wishes and needs of our clients is our key priority. A motivated, dynamic team enables us to quickly react to our clients’ requests and to develop high-quality products with a high costumer benefit.

From the first thought to drafts, drawings and solutions the economical factor is paramount to our considerations.

More than half of the product costs can already be influenced within proposed solutions, concepts and first prototypes.