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Research Projects

We are currently working on several research projects. 
Further information will be available here from the time of publication.


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Projects and
Industrial Sectors

Sports Industry

  • Ski boots and snowboard boots
  • Step-in binding for snowboards
  • Inline skates
  • Biodegradable golf tee
  • Components for the ski industry
  • Lightweight bicycle rims

Medical Technology

  • Tube systems and pump systems
  • Optodes (fluorescence optics)
  • Components for a massage device
  • Materials for the dental sector
  • Tools for surgery

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Filling machines for powders and liquids
  • Packaging lines for pharmaceuticals

Construction Industry

  • Development of structural expansion profiles
  • Reinforcement components for building and bridge constructions
  • Fastening technology
  • Surface coating
  • Customizable, tight pipe openings

Textile Industry

  • New raw materials to replace PVC
  • Film coating
  • Surface design


Food Industry

  • Portable coolers for food
  • Food packaging, beverage filling systems
  • Production of beverage bottles

Consumer Electronics

  • TV back panels
  • Waterproof stereo radio
  • Universal charging stations


  • Plug-in and screw nuts
  • Various housings
  • Guides/ducts

Automotive Industry

  • Glass fibre composite developments
  • CFRP lightweight construction for exhaust manufacturers
  • Plastic-bonded fibreboards
  • Tanks for drinking water and industrial water
  • Headlight brackets for truck reflectors
  • Carbon brackets for electric vehicle motors
  • Screw systems for a wide range of component fastenings


  • Construction of plastic recycling plants
  • Plant optimization