We do not offer standard solutions since we know that every customer is different. That is why we develop individual and unique solutions in close consultation with our customers. Take a look around our website and find out more about what we have to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Research and Development 
for various industrial sectors 

  • conception of raw material recycling processes
  • recycling concepts, optimization and design of recycling plants
  • simulations and FEM-analyses
  • materials research


  • material optimization and manufacturing processes
  • process optimization
  • tool setting

Additive Manufacturing

  • usage of additive manufacturing processes to reduce internal costs, production times and service routes
  • entry into the area of fixture construction and positioning devices by means of additive manufacturing

Technical Developments

  • We customize project plans and schedules individually so as to suit the respective companies.
  • We reduce development times for you as much as possible.
  • regular meetings on the current development process and development status
  • Through permanent reengineering, we secure your achieved market edge.

Construction and CAD-Services

  • Our range of services comprises the processing of individual component parts as well as of complex assemblies.
  • processing of 3D scan data
  • reverse engineering of existing components

Idea and Concept Generation

  • from the initial idea to the production of models and functional prototypes

Reverse Engineering and Optimization 
of existing components

  • digitization of existing components
  • adaptation to current standards and standard parts

Assessment of Environmental Impacts

  • creation of life cycle assessments (LCA)


Current trainings:

  • Introduction to the world of 3D printing technologies
  • Plastics in 3D printing for special applications